Training Philosophy

  • The training philosophy at JWU Counseling Services is rooted in the value base of enhancing mental health and wellness for all students while also shaping a campus culture of connectedness and belonging.
  • Professional staff draws from a variety of theoretical orientations. The training philosophy is geared to foster an intern’s capacity to develop case formulations informed by theory and each student’s unique narrative while also cultivating rationales for therapeutic interventions and respect for each student’s growth process.
  • As a training site, college mental health offers advanced clinical training and valued professional practice. This experience of direct contribution on both a micro and macro level is crucial to professional identity development within a college mental health setting.
  • Counseling Services has a commitment to diversity, multiculturalism and an interdisciplinary team approach. We actively promote culturally competent services and encourage examination of our own intersecting identities. The treatment model is short term, and we welcome diversity in theoretical approaches and intervention methods to optimize a rich and shared learning environment.



Training Site Information

  • Interns will provide individual counseling to students and consultation to families, staff and faculty on issues related to psychological development and mental health.
  • Additional duties include participation in the development and implementation of programs, workshops, and outreach presentations.
  • The training experience is designed to provide a well-rounded clinical experience in delivering a full range of services to a college population including intakes, crisis intervention, treatment, consultation, and psychoeducational programming.



Supervision & Learning Supports

  • Interns will receive weekly supervision that meets licensing requirements and the terms of their college/university’s training contract.
  • Weekly clinical team meeting with the interdisciplinary team
  • Twice monthly group supervision with Counseling Services director
  • Twice monthly didactic seminar will provide opportunities for more in-depth learning and will be rotated amongst the interdisciplinary team of professional staff.



Qualifications & Application Process

Second year, MSW practice students with one previous year of a practicum experience with a clinical focus or Beginning Advanced Standing Students. Clinical experience is needed given the internship is predominantly the provision of individual counseling.