Student Health 101

Our e-magazine delivered monthly to JWU students and parents. Each month there are interesting and relevant articles and videos for college students and their families created by college students and college health professionals. 

Photo by welcomia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by welcomia/iStock / Getty Images


  • Promote health and wellness through institutional programs, practices and/or policies that support the development and adoption of healthy attitudes, behaviors and practices

  • Provide a supportive, inclusive and student-centered approach to health education

  • Offer students comprehensive prevention education, support and referral regarding physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual/occupational, environmental and financial wellness

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ASK! Educators

Student to Student Wellness and Equity Education
These student leaders who support holistic diversity and wellness of the campus community by:

  • Conducting and sponsoring educational programming

  • Disseminating accurate wellness and equity information

  • Providing referrals to on- and off- campus services

  • Advocating for campus policies and procedures that support student wellness and equity