Student Health 101

Student Health 101 is an E-magazine delivered monthly to JWU students and parents. Each month there are interesting and relevant articles for college students and their families.

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Wellness Fair

An on campus Wellness fair, held once during the academic year, offers information on how students can maintain their overall health: In addition, they provide free services such as massages, HIV testing, and blood pressure screenings.

Peer Educator/Speak Out

Our program provides an effective peer network to encourage, support, and promote healthful living for all students. Peer Educators play and active leadership role and learn a great deal from their volunteer participation. Their education programs focus specifically on increasing the understanding of our students in the area of alcohol and substance abuse, and provide a way for students to gain life skill in leadership, responsibility, organization, and networking. 


We hosts wellness seminars throughout the academic year to educate students on the importance of maintaining their health throughout their college experience. Topics include: 

  • Drug alcohol awareness

  • Safer sex and sexually transmitted disease

  • Smoking

  • Weight management