JWU's Gender Equity Center centers on the topics of feminism and inclusive masculinity, sexual orientation and spectrum of gender identity/expression, and violence prevention and response (specifically sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, and stalking).

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Providing a welcoming and inclusive physical location on the Providence Campus, for resources, to hang out, or chat - and for all JWU students via social media.


Providing student-centered and empowered conversations, referral, information, and assistance in navigating systems.



Events, workshops, trainings, consultation through our staff or our collaborative ASK! Student to Student Wellness & Equity Education Program.


One-to-one around individual concerns up to systems-level change, working with students to understand needs and help identify solutions.



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Gender Equity Center is a confidential reporting resource regarding sexual assault and relationship violence, in accordance with state and federal laws. Personally identifying information will not be shared without permission or legal exemption; statistical and timely warning information is shared with Campus Safety & Security and/or Title IX Coordinator when necessary.



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Gender Equity Center

Resources on Intersectional feminism, inclusive masculinity, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and power-based personal violence prevention and response.