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JWU Charlotte Counseling Services offers individual counseling sessions and consultations by appointment. We also have resources for mental health screenings, education and crisis intervention for you or a friend.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to assist students experiencing emotional distress. Counseling is provided in a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment at no cost to the student.

You will meet privately with a counselor to talk about the personal problems you are having. The counselor will listen, clarify, and help you sort out your problems and work collaboratively with you to set goals and address your needs.

Some students seek counseling once or twice to discuss something that concerns them, while others may require ongoing care. Students with long term needs will be assisted in finding an appropriate referral in the community.

Individuals seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Some include:

  • Relationships
  • Depression or sadness
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Family problems
  • Social adjustment
  • Sexual preference & coming out
  • Grief or bereavement
  • Disordered eating & body image
  • Sexual violence
  • Amphetamine or alcohol use
  • Isolation
  • Academic difficulties
  • Feelings of unease ("Something’s not right”)
  • At the urging of family or friends


  • Counseling sessions are limited to 50 minutes.
  • Generally, an appointment may be scheduled within the week. In urgent circumstances, you may be seen sooner. 
  • We appreciate earliest notice in the event you need to cancel an appointment.

We honor students’ scheduling requests to the extent availability allows, as well as other specific requests whenever possible.


Counseling in conjunction with medication treatment. Counseling staff will arrange for referral to a psychiatrist or other appropriate practitioner for medication evaluation and management.


Schedule a consultation by contacting Counseling Services using the button at the top of the page.

Students often seek a consultation regarding their concern for a friend.

Consultation is encouraged when there is psychological concern for a student, or circumstances create a community concern. Some reasons that students seek a consult include:

  • How to best support someone in a time of need; how to encourage someone to seek help
  • General information about a friend’s recent diagnosis
  • Management of a crisis situation

An important role of Counseling Services is to support students in cultivating a healthy campus community. Consultations are often sought in response to a particular interaction or set of circumstances. A counselor can assist in processing the situation and formulating a plan, if necessary.

Be aware that counselors protect the confidentiality of other clients in the context of a consult. Generally, that an individual is seen in counseling will be neither confirmed nor denied.

Mental Health Screenings


Depression does not adhere to a schedule. Free and confidential in-person screenings may be arranged throughout the year.


A quick, simple way to self-screen with complete anonymity, and learn more about: 

  • Depression and bipolar 
  • Alcohol and eating
  • Anxiety and post-traumatic stress

Take An Online Screening

About Screenings

Screening tests are not meant to replace the need to consult with a health care professional, but they can be useful in helping you to determine whether or not professional consultation is advisable. If a screening test raises any concerns, we encourage students to follow up by using our free and confidential services.


These screening tests are simple to take and completely anonymous. While cumulative data and statistical information from screening results may be provided to the university, no identifying information about individuals is collected or made available

Disclaimer: The screening sites we provide links to are not official Johnson & Wales University websites and are owned, operated, and maintained by other sponsoring organizations. Links to those websites and screening tests are provided as a resource for students and should not be construed as an endorsement by Johnson & Wales University of the content or views of the linked materials.

About Counseling Services


Our mission is to enhance students’ lives through confidential, competent, and caring counseling capacities that strive to encourage and support students in their personal, emotional, social, academic, and career growth.

To achieve this, staff may assume many roles, including those of therapist, consultant, facilitator, or educator. We are committed to meeting the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds — including differences of culture, race, age, gender, physical and cognitive abilities, spirituality, and sexual orientation. We celebrate the unique strengths of every student as we work together to find opportunities for personal development.

Our goal is to create a safe environment where students are free to explore their concerns as they adjust to the challenges of collegiate life. We respect the impact of all emotional, interpersonal, and situational challenges on student success, and acknowledge the college experience as a natural time for introspection, experimentation, and personal growth. Our practice philosophy focuses on relating to students in a developmental context, and aspires to build solutions and experiences unique to each individual.

The functions of Counseling Services support the university's institutional mission to empower its diverse student body for success in today's dynamic world.


Counseling Services is staffed by two professionally certified master’s-level clinicians. The clinical staff provide free and confidential services for students including individual counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, assessment, and referral, and consultation to concerned individuals and outreach programming to the campus community.

The clinic staff within Health & Counseling Services works together to provide high-quality care for student needs.

We welcome your feedback and requests.


Programming is provided to the campus community in a range of formats including presentations, outreach programs, mental health screenings, and special events. Some topics include:

  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Substance use
  • Overview of counseling services

We may also be able to assist with facilitating a group or activity.

Check with Health & Counseling Services for upcoming programs and availability for your student organization, club or event.


Confidentiality is essential to counseling. All information, even the fact that you have been to counseling, is held in strict confidence. Client confidentiality is protected both by the law and by counselors’ professional code of ethics.

Clients may choose for information about them to be shared when appropriate, through written permission. We are committed to confidential and caring counseling services.

There are certain specific legal exceptions to confidentiality, as follows:

  • Risk of harm to self or others 
  • Abuse/neglect of an elder person or child
  • Court order requisitioning client information