Charlotte Campus

If you learn that your student is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.



Counseling Services acknowledges the vital support that parents and family members provide for students.

We strive to assist students in personal, emotional, social, academic, and career growth. 

For many students, this growth also means moving toward a position of independence and autonomy.

We encourage families to show support to students in ways that foster autonomy. In doing so, parents and family make a “vote of confidence”—reinforcing in students that they have the ability to manage by using appropriate channels.



Preparation for College

Families can do many things to smooth the transition to college life for their students. If you know that your student has special needs or will require more than short-term counseling, preparation is especially important. Some find it helpful to:

  • Contact us to obtain referrals to providers in the Charlotte community
  • Learn about the student insurance  and how it may impact care
  • Devise a plan for refilling medications
  • Explore transportation options for services
  • Email us if we may be able to help with preparations




Family members often know a student best and have special insight into their lives. We value greatly the care and concern families show. While we welcome your questions and invite you to consult, we are limited in the nature of information we can share. In the eyes of the law, college students are considered adults and therefore client communications are protected by confidentiality.

Generally, we will be neither able to confirm nor deny that your student is seen in counseling without written consent. However, we will hear your concerns about the student and may be able to offer general information and other suggestions. 




If you become aware that your student has been making references of harm to self or others, or has been acting out-of-touch with reality, please seek assistance immediately. Counseling Services provides crisis intervention 24 hours a day during the regular academic year.


Clinic hours

Call Health & Counseling Services during these hours when classes are in session:

  • Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm

Please inform the clinic staff that you feel the situation is urgent


After Hours

After clinic hours (evenings, weekends, & breaks), we provide crisis intervention through an on-call system. To initiate crisis response, call the Safety & Security office at 980-598-1900.

Depending upon the nature of the crisis, officers may contact the counselor-on-call and/or other emergency service personnel.