Walk-ins & Appointments

Walk-in daily to see a registered nurses who can help with minor injuries, illnesses and triage. 

A physician is available twice weekly by appointment. 

Consultation with the medical director is available as needed.


In the event of a medical emergency, dial 911 first for emergency assistance. 

Then, contact Safety & Security as soon as possible.  


Should you need medical attention beyond the scope of the basic services provided on campus, staff can make arrangements for treatment at a medical facility in the community.

Students are responsible for payment of medical fees for services provided off campus.

Severe Allergies

Culinary Students

Culinary students who have been medically identified as being prone to anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) are required to inform their instructors of the following information:

  • Specific food allergy
  • Precautionary steps taken to prevent triggering an allergic response
  • Typical reaction once the allergy is triggered
  • Other information that would enhance aid and promote student’s safety in an emergency


Requests for Accommodations

All requests for accommodations for persons with documented severe food allergies are also processed by Special Needs Advisors at the Center for Academic Support.


Allergy Injections

Students may continue immunotherapy at Health & Counseling Services. See the allergy injection agreement for details about getting your shots on campus.